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Frugalware è una distribuzione linux ad uso generale, pensata per gli utenti intermedi (che non hanno paura del terminale).

We try to make Frugalware as simple as possible while not forgetting to keep it comfortable for the user. We try to ship fresh and stable software, as close to the original source as possible, because in our opinion most software is the best as is, and doesn't need patching.

More informations in the FAQ.

Latest new

switch to multilib, drop of i686

2016-11-09 - Pubblicata da DeX77

After bumping the toolchain to gcc6 we had some trouble building some of the larger packages for i686. Since every dev is using x86_64 and the number of users still on i686 arch seems quite low, the decision to drop i686 completely was made. This raised the need to switch the lib32-extra packages - used mainly by steam and wine - that where build by stripping the i686 packages in the past, to a different buildsystem. crazy was so kind to establish a full multilib toolchain for that and some scheme ( so providing two flavors (x86_64 and lib32-extra) for one package. This work was merged yesterday and the two mentioned packages still work. If you find any issues feel free to raise some bug in the bugtracker.

Other news

toolchain bumped to gcc6

2016-09-30 - Pubblicata da DeX77

Frugalware 2.1 (Derowd) released

2016-09-05 - Pubblicata da DeX77

Frugalware 2.0 (Rigel) released

2015-02-16 - Pubblicata da ryuo

Frugalware 2.0rc2 (Rigel) released

2014-12-24 - Pubblicata da ryuo