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Frugalware is a general purpose linux distribution, designed for intermediate users (who are not afraid of text mode).

We try to make Frugalware as simple as possible while not forgetting to keep it comfortable for the user. We try to ship fresh and stable software, as close to the original source as possible, because in our opinion most software is the best as is, and doesn't need patching.

More informations in the FAQ.

Latest new

Toolchain bump and rebuild of all packages, switch to MariaDB and libjpeg-turbo

2018-02-18 - Posted by DeX77

To mitigate the known vulnerabilities Spectre v1-v3 we bumped gcc to version 7.3 and enabled some hardening compile flags als also bumped the whole toolchain glibc to version 2.27, binutils to version 2.30 and all major languages. Ffmpeg bumped to 3.4.x and the Linux kernel to version 4.15.4. That lead to a mass rebuild of all packages. While at it we did the long overdue switch from MySQL do MariaDB and from libjpeg to libjpeg-turbo. Please be patient while the merge is running, as you might break everything if you update in the middle.

Other news

kernel bump to 4.11; nvidia nobuild

2017-05-02 - Posted by DeX77

switch to multilib, drop of i686

2016-11-09 - Posted by DeX77

toolchain bumped to gcc6

2016-09-30 - Posted by DeX77

Frugalware 2.1 (Derowd) released

2016-09-05 - Posted by DeX77