Frugalware 1.9rc1 (Arcturus) released

This is the first release candidate for Frugalware 1.9.

Starting with this release, our old display-manager-legacy.service and /etc/sysconfig/desktop system has been replaced by a system where each display manager provides their own service file. You can switch to this new system by using the new dmconfig utility or through use of systemctl.

Also, we have removed the vi symlinks that we used to provide. These were hardcoded to a specific editor (VIM) before. The new system is to manage these symlinks with the new viconfig utility or by manually creating the symlinks to your preferred editor.

At least one bug has been fixed since last release. The system for mounting local packages to use as an install source has been redesigned to work more consistently. Some users were reporting installation failures because of how the package source was mounted before. This should now be fixed.

Now for the installer instructions. You will need to login as root after the ISO boots using the password fvbe. To run the installer, use the command fwsetup.

One final note is that we are looking for someone to design a new 16 color palette for the new installer. Currently it uses the color palette from Mandriva’s NEWT patches. If you are interested, then contact us on IRC or the forums.

Download for i686 or x86_64: See our mirror list. Don’t forget to check the integrity of the install images before burning!