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Frugalware news list

Frugalware 0.2rc1 released2005-04-07VMiklos
KDE 3.4.0 packages are on mirrors2005-03-20aThom
GNOME 2.10.0 is in -current2005-03-14laci
Frugalware 0.2pre2 released2005-02-23VMiklos in Frugalware2005-02-21IroNiQ
Offical Forum2005-02-06shrift
Irc web interface and logs2005-01-20IroNiQ
Forum and coming new functions2005-01-16IroNiQ
Frugalware 0.2pre1 released2005-01-10VMiklos
XFce is in -current, Firefox locale packages, too2004-12-30IroNiQ
Planned downtime2004-11-16VMiklos
New functions on webpage2004-11-14IroNiQ
Frugalware 0.1 screenshot tour by OSDir2004-11-06VMiklos
Frugalware 0.1 released2004-11-02VMiklos
Frugalware 0.1rc2 released2004-10-11VMiklos
Frugalware 0.1rc1 released2004-09-29VMiklos
Test message2004-09-13VMiklos