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Frugalware news list

Frugalware 0.6a (Terminus) for x86_64 released2007-06-03AlexExtreme
Frugalware Newsletter Issue 62007-06-02AlexExtreme
Yugo: new i686 buildserver2007-05-26IroNiQ
Frugalware 0.6 and 0.7pre1 torrents2007-05-24Hermier
Frugalware 0.7pre1 (Sayshell) released2007-05-29VMiklos
Frugalware Newsletter Issue 52007-05-15AlexExtreme
Frugalware Newsletter Issue 42007-05-01AlexExtreme
Request: IDE HDDs2007-04-24IroNiQ
Frugalware Newsletter Issue 3 and Homepage design contest!2007-04-19AlexExtreme
Frugalware Newsletter Issue 22007-04-05AlexExtreme
Frugalware 0.6 (Terminus) for i686 and x86_64 released2007-03-22VMiklos
Frugalware Newsletter Issue 12007-03-15AlexExtreme
Frugalware 0.6rc2 (Terminus) released2007-03-08VMiklos
Frugalware 0.6rc1 (Terminus) released2007-02-15VMiklos
Frugalware 0.6pre2 (Terminus) released2007-01-11VMiklos
Big Fat Warning: postgresql package upgrade2007-01-06IroNiQ
Big Fat Warning: nVidia package upgrade2006-12-26AlexExtreme
Frugalware 0.6pre1 (Terminus) released2006-11-09VMiklos
Yet another homepage redesign!2006-10-29AlexExtreme is currently out of sync2006-10-15AlexExtreme
We want your DBUS bug reports!2006-10-01AlexExtreme
Please, don't file bug reports about DBUS in current (yet!)2006-09-24AlexExtreme
Frugalware 0.5 (Siwenna) for i686 and x86_64 released2006-09-20VMiklos
Upgrade to the new type of nvidia package2006-09-09Boobaa
Frugalware 0.5rc2 (Siwenna) released2006-09-01VMiklos