Frugalware 0.6pre2 (Terminus) released

The Frugalware Developer Team is pleased to announce the immediate availability of Frugalware 0.6pre2, the second technical preview release of the upcoming 0.6 stable release.

A short and incomplete list of changes since 0.6pre1:

  • New features in the installer:
    • Much improved error handling. A dialog box will be displayed in the unlikely event of a segmentation fault and the installer will exit, instead of just restarting from the beginning.
    • Use library calls to download the package database, which gives better error handling. If the database update fails, you will be told about it, instead of being given an empty category list.
    • There is now an option to go back to a previous step in the installer (where it makes sense).
    • CD/DVD installation is now faster: integrity and conflict checks are done before creating the installation images.
    • There is floppy image available now for tftp installs.
  • Improvements:
    • Added KDE support to fw-xgl-control and Beryl.
    • Gnome-mount, a replacement for pmount in GNOME resulting in more reliable and flexible automounting in GNOME.
  • Updates:
    • Linux Kernel 2.6.19
    • Added virt-manager and gnome-applet-vm packages as GUI tools for Xen
    • GNOME 2.17.3, with new features and bug fixes
    • Xfce 4.4 Release Candidate 2, with a lot of bug fixes
    • Beryl 0.1.3 with lots of new eye-candy effects
    • dhcpcd 3.0, resulting in more reliable network autoconfiguration
    • Curl 7.16.0
    • DBUS 1.0 with several improvements and fixes
    • HAL with new features and bug fixes

Please refer to the Frugalware Testing ChangeLog for more information.

Download for i686:

NOTE: Don’t download CDs 3-11 or the second DVD unless you don’t have an internet connection

netinstall (22M), usb (20M), tftp (116K), cd1 (643M), cd2 (638M), cd3 (634M), cd4 (643M), cd5 (633M), cd6 (626M), cd7 (609M), cd8 (556M), cd9 (552M), cd10 (643M), cd11 (229M), dvd1 (4.2G) dvd2 (2.0G)


080e622c798520b422c8c0bb1701b00befd3358a  frugalware-0.6pre2-i686-cd1.iso
9d04a684e8c16f8bc752b506718566e0f0060876  frugalware-0.6pre2-i686-cd2.iso
4a4dcabcfe788b94a80cbeff9c0f7098e55d333c  frugalware-0.6pre2-i686-cd3.iso
8ec847d3dae136829334d4d4a2aed1d2a45048c4  frugalware-0.6pre2-i686-cd4.iso
e7b5fef4f747edc30d1684202b5ce06c4a86acc7  frugalware-0.6pre2-i686-cd5.iso
0c654cc082b6df9354ff5c24827cca5363d239c1  frugalware-0.6pre2-i686-cd6.iso
4f7de0abddc31543cc793efcd948b503f02a917a  frugalware-0.6pre2-i686-cd7.iso
959a01a6e19b3f6edd2c22a26526e6961813a90d  frugalware-0.6pre2-i686-cd8.iso
8a06f41c40ea632fdb5932067a41cc43bc9ae017  frugalware-0.6pre2-i686-cd9.iso
5e094695448176111117c6f56c9d1af297da4f05  frugalware-0.6pre2-i686-cd10.iso
a45e39c99ec9e80a8372858348f039f614cac98f  frugalware-0.6pre2-i686-cd11.iso
b1c7c4ee7641e993dc6668fd3f1cffcb662875f6  frugalware-0.6pre2-i686-dvd1.iso
44d4ce0c172d777248925c8bad704eb068e79ac8  frugalware-0.6pre2-i686-dvd2.iso
ab191be15a05e42c87218048f55900fcde476b10  frugalware-0.6pre2-i686-net.iso
09397ba7ea37ab2122e0e6222ad8f1aae0310c0e  frugalware-0.6pre2-i686-tftp.img.gz
450c82a0eae61fd97d2b5c78e1702a57dddb6149  frugalware-0.6pre2-i686-usb.tar.gz