Frugalware 0.7pre2 (Sayshell) released

The Frugalware Developer Team is pleased to announce the immediate availability of Frugalware 0.7pre2, the second technical preview of the upcoming 0.7 stable release.

A short and incomplete list of changes since 0.7pre1:

  • New features:
    • New graphical configuration tool, Gnetconfig to tweak your network settings.
    • Setup now puts the installer log to the target system, so that the log is not lost.
    • The default timezone and keyboard layout is now language-dependent.
    • New Italian translation in the installer.
  • Package updates:
    • Linux kernel 2.6.22 (+ fixes)
    • GCC-4.2.1, with several bugfixes and a usable java browser plug-in for systems where the binary is not available, like x86_64.
    • 2.2.1
  • New packages:
    • VIM spell-check dictionaries for various languages
    • More than 100 new packages: qmpdclient, gpsdrive, emovix, gpodder, horde-webmail and many more!
  • Homepage:
    • It is now possible to browse HTML documentation for a package on the homepage.
    • Replaced darcsweb with gitweb in accordance with the darcs to git change.
  • A list of bugs reported after the release of the installer images can be viewed here.

Please refer to the Frugalware Testing ChangeLog for more information.

Download for i686:

NOTE: Don’t download CDs 3-12 or the second DVD unless you don’t have an internet connection

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f0a2f5c804d94105d670b2d0b53eee677fb7131c  frugalware-0.7pre2-i686-cd10.iso
58d87ad2c982bc199cee0133c8a9430e7f67e9d4  frugalware-0.7pre2-i686-cd11.iso
bdee557bd72c8d63a25218cf8f1fceb8157d44bd  frugalware-0.7pre2-i686-cd12.iso
4ea19e4128b19e6c1aa47627003f31eb09478ecb  frugalware-0.7pre2-i686-cd13.iso
b16584609343dcf61ec837fa7e037cc07b60a517  frugalware-0.7pre2-i686-cd1.iso
0575d77c27bedc2c963745690496c4bdbe5d9937  frugalware-0.7pre2-i686-cd2.iso
c00ca8074ab6c8db80e3fad5fd2ada0e7cc137e9  frugalware-0.7pre2-i686-cd3.iso
21df7dc6a7005b29ed25e35ef0b7b7e2e5d2345d  frugalware-0.7pre2-i686-cd4.iso
cb421cf75ad1f2b82d0188334044a4d07154ac3d  frugalware-0.7pre2-i686-cd5.iso
aee3e763c91c5b980db61018fa228e6142cb131e  frugalware-0.7pre2-i686-cd6.iso
e95951f7c88030622f21797ea4f2930d10c5bcdf  frugalware-0.7pre2-i686-cd7.iso
7d9b1ffcc055513890c2a27300967dc2cb1c454b  frugalware-0.7pre2-i686-cd8.iso
2c364a96517e248a17a9d92bf20c0a4ff9b2f09c  frugalware-0.7pre2-i686-cd9.iso
a678d9fbb675b9208a1827e8bb04738114497ca0  frugalware-0.7pre2-i686-dvd1.iso
a45cadb05177d45e953f39006424a2eaf975d0b0  frugalware-0.7pre2-i686-dvd2.iso
379dc4155b4de15fe1aa0c50bc2ccecf216da1eb  frugalware-0.7pre2-i686-net.iso
a53b074f258a63ed004fab1853f31ab5f2259dad  fwlive-0.7pre2-i686-full.iso
f4945dd97d922cc668bc26c78cde2ba8638753de  frugalware-0.7pre2-i686-tftp.img.gz
2618cf5e815f9af6be792b0376217dc3091f333e  frugalware-0.7pre2-i686-usb.tar.gz